Mural Painting

Educational Art Series
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This decorative painting series was created out of a labor of love. I have been painting murals for over 20 years and through this journey I have met so many talented artists throughout the world that have cultivated their own set of steps and techniques over the years to suit their style.

As I became friends with these artists and continued to admire their talents and works I started watching their process and how each one goes about creating their works. I would find one technique from one artist that would be of interest in my own pieces and then another technique from another artist. I found my style would adapt and morph into something different as I added these unique steps.

In 2007 I had the great idea of capturing these style on film and making them available to other artists with the hopes that others would do the same as I did. We all learn and do things differently but one of the things I have always loved about art is the learning never stops.  It is always going to be an ongoing creative evolution…