Renaissance Fresco Grottesca




In this second installment of our series of instructional DVDs on painting Grottessca, instructor Nicola Vigini will teach students how to create two luxurious panels using several tools, materials and unique methods, including Nicola’s custom-designed 2 and 3-layer stencils.  Learning and practicing the techniques presented in this program will surely add value to your portfolio and your decorative painting business.

The name Grottessca is derived from the word grotto because during this time the palace of the Emperor Nero was discovered underground.  Inside the ruins of the palace, the walls and ceilings were covered with intricate designs of naturalistic inspiration.  Grottessca is characterized by a thread-like quality of almost Oriental flavor, but also contains a very classical and Western sense of symmetry.  Some of the main characteristics of this style are hybrid figures, half-human and half-animal, growing out of different types of plants, and small architectural elements floating against a uniform background.


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